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Super Skunk is a crossbreed of Skunk and Afghani and when it was released in 1990 it won the Cannabis Cup straight away. This 80% Indica plant requires 45-50 days of flowering to produce very high yields of extremely potent buds. Be warned, this weed may require more experience to smoke than to grow – otherwise, have a nice flight!



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Buy Super Skunk Strain; Skunk #1 is one of Sensi Seeds’ groundbreaking strains. With their Super Skunk, Sensi’s goal was to take their famed family of Skunk strains back to their original Afghani roots. As you can expect from Sensi Seeds, the result is another stellar strain. Sensi managed to improve on Skunk #1 and created a modern strain where they added flavour and potency and gave the strain a boost in growing performance and yield. Super Skunk grows massive, crystal-coated colas that will ensure an abundant harvest of tasty and resinous bud. She is easy to grow and not very demanding, so that even new growers can look forward to a smoke with an extraordinary powerful effect. Get ready for a full-body experience and have her show you the deepest levels of relaxation.


When the first Super Skunk was harvested, dried and cured, smoked and passed around – it sent shockwaves of excitement throughout the entire Cannabis industry of the 90’s. It picked up on the Skunk#1’s praise of being a super stable, reliable and consistent strain, and added a whole new level of Afghan awesomeness – hence the “Super” in the name. It is a cross between a superior Afghani Hash Plant and the best Skunk on the roster. Adding weight and flavor to an equivalent smoke profile, but with a harder hitting body stone, it’s no wonder that Super Skunk instantly became a Cannabis Cup winner. Almost 30 years onwards, it remains to this day a top-shelf bud offered at many dispensaries, social clubs and personal stashes.Buy Super Skunk Strain, Super Skunk for sale


You will be pleased to know you have the choice between regular and feminized seeds. Being mostly indica, and behaving as such, a short flowering time of 45-50 days should be enough to ripen the bud sites. Perfect for indoor grows as medium-sized plants are preferred there, however, they get packed with exceptional weight. Outdoors she will likely grow and stretch, but remain faithful to the Afghan heritage of medium-sized bushes. Time the harvest for late September or early October, and you will be amazed by the high and consistent yields it produces. Super Skunk for sale, cheap Super Skunk Australia, weed delivery near me, Cannabis plug near me


Sensi Seeds’ Super Skunk is another one of those strains you should really get to know well. It has turned out to a benchmark weed of sorts, due to its prolific success since its creation in the 1990’s. Getting to know how it smells, smokes, and how it hits will certainly give you extra insight into recognising great, timeless weed. It smells sweet, spicy and hash-like, bitter with an essence of sour musk. As you light one up, sweet and spicy will overpower, but those with sharp taste buds will pick up the perfectly blending sour and bitter undertones. The high, just like the plant, is a perfect all-rounder, delivering a balanced and long-lasting head and body high. It is both physically soothing and creatively energizing, catering to the vast majority of tokers. cheap Super Skunk Australia, weed delivery near me, Cannabis plug near me, Buy Super Skunk UK

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    Package received…

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    wow this guys are so legit i got my package

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    Thanks I got the package I taught this was a scammed but no is legit.thanks

  4. 5 out of 5

    Wow love the skunk.your products are awesome

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    I am liking the Super Skunk. Overall it is impressive. I was able to get some massive vape hits using my Pax on the highest setting. It gives you a nice cerebral head high with a mellow body stone. Food tastes

  6. 4 out of 5

    We got a few bowls worth of this as a sample and it was great. The aroma was quite pungent and smelled of skunk (of course) but with a sort of sweet pine undertone. The taste wasn’t overwhelming but had a…

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