Lemon OG Kush

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Taking their lemony genetics to the next level, DNA Genetics have bred their Lemon Skunk with The OG #18 to produce lemon fuelled experience – and when we say fuelled, we mean it, the mix has added in that special fuel like flavour. Able to fully flower in 8-9 weeks, Lemon OG Kush can produce up to 550g/m² of prime, dank, and lemony bud.



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DNA Genetics wanted to bring their lemony genetics to the next level and this is exactly what they managed to do when they created their Lemon OG Kush. Their cross between a Lemon Skunk and an OG #18 makes for a fantastic smoke experience that blends deep and fuel-like flavour tones with beautifully contrasting refreshing lemon notes. Growers will like that Lemon OG Kush flowers in a reasonable 8-9 weeks where she will reward with a respectable harvest of up to 550g/m² of some first grade dank but very lemony bud. Her effect is incredibly cerebral and can be just the right thing if you want a good strain for pain relief or to help treat depression and anxiety. Cheap Lemon OG, Buy Buds Melbourne

OG Kush is legendary, Lemon Skunk is dank, once merged, Lemon OG Kush is legendary dank. It’s simple math. DNA Genetics brought the Lemon Skunk from Las Vegas and merged it with OG #18, which created a flawless hybrid. Buy Lemon OG Kush, Cheap Lemon OG, Buy Buds Melbourne

This cultivar has intense lemon flavors. Lemon Skunk was selected and stabilized according to its lemony essence. OG #18 most probably derives from Lemon Thai/Pakistani and Chemdawg. Together, the lemon is real. Diesel aromas also linger around its scent. Buy pot Brisbane

It takes about 8-9 weeks for this lemonade of a strain to finish flowering. About 1-2 weeks before harvesting, make sure to flush the plant, to remove the undesirable nutrients that remain in the buds. After the harvest, cure the plants in required conditions for about 3 weeks and voilà! You’ll receive approximately 550g/m² of Lemon OG Kush from an indoor operation. Buy pot Brisbane

Expect a nice and short plant with solid amounts of THC. In most cases, DNA Genetics creates perfect mixes between sativa and indica genetics. Lemon OG Kush is one of them. Consisting of 60% indica and 40% sativa, this cultivar will provide relaxing moments and peaceful thoughts. Skunky euphoria will kick in too, once in a while.

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