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  Order Gushers Online Melbourne Gusherz White Peach brings our a sweet and savory peach with light icy vape undertones that will have you gushing for more.

1000 mAh Battery

5% Salt Nicotine

6.0 mL E-Liquid

2000+ Puffs

The Gusherz  disposable vapes offer 2000 delicious puffs with it’s hybrid sub-ohm tank loaded with 6.0mL of E-Liquid attached to a 1000mAh battery. 

The Gusherz disposable comes in a pre-primed state.   Simply Pull out the plug, remove the sticker on the bottom of the disposable and wait 30 seconds and your ready to go.

  We recommend waiting 3 – 5 minutes to ensure the coil is primed.

“Gush” of flavor. Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, green apple, and even orange.

So just imagine all the tart, tangy, sour, and sweetened notes combining together as one. On the inhale, taste the tart notes of blueberry and raspberry together as they glide against the tongue. Order Gushers Online Melbourne

On the exhale the sour green apple and tangy notes from the orange come out. The very last thing is the sweet victory of strawberry coming in to save the day smoothing out the last of the tart and sour.

Gush over the explosive flavors of Brass Knuckles Gushers by Connected Cannabis.

Crafted for the true connoisseur, Brass Knuckles extracts Super Premium CO2 from Connected Cannabis flowers to capture the natural terpene flavors that will surely light up your sense.

It smells and tastes like a sweet, fruit-goo filled candy but don’t let her flavors define her. The Hybrid effects will keep you balanced with a fast-paced euphoria followed by a rush of relief easing pain and tension.

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